Longmont, Colorado: A Pleasant Town

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The Center Place of Chaco Culture Park in New Mexico, USA are a long way from Longmont, Colorado, however with this Virtual History Video Program, you're able to have fun and learn about Chaco Culture Park in New Mexico, USA in the process. Chaco Canyon is known for its archaeology. It is located in the Four Corners region, where Utah and Arizona meet. This area was once home to the Anasazi, and is now part Chaco Culture National Historical Park. Pueblo Bonito and Penasco Blanco are notable Chacoan sites. Because of its brick construction, Chaco Canyon was well-known to Native Americans (Navajo and other) as well as Spanish reports, Mexican officials and early American visitors. The archaeological research at Chaco Canyon began in the 19th century. Many archaeological projects have been initiated to uncover minor and major sites. The Chaco river is able to collect runoff water from surrounding rocks during the rainy season.&nb